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Labor Categories

In order to support the three Principal Task Areas in this contract, both generic and specific Labor Categories have been established for use under the TIPSS-3 contract. The Labor Categories are listed below and are described in Section C of the TIPSS-3 contract.

• Task/Project Managers
• Subject Matter Expert (SME)
• Senior Information Technology Specialists
• Information Technology Specialists
• Senior Information Technology Technicians
• Information Technology Technicians
• Senior Information Technology Administrative Specialists
• Information Technology Administrative Specialists
• Senior Security Specialists
• Security Specialists
• Junior Security Specialists
• Security Technicians
• Senior Information Technology Training Specialists
• Information Technology Training Specialists
• Junior Information Technology Training Specialists
• Applications Engineer
• Applications Programmer
• Applications Systems Analysts
• Business Process Reengineering Specialists
• Data Architect
• Data Security Specialists 
• Database Analyst/Programmer
• Disaster Recovery Specialists
• Information Engineer
• Network Engineer
• Software Developer/Programmer
• Systems Software Engineer
• Systems Analyst
• Systems Architect
• Telecommunication Engineer
• Web Designer

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