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Realignment of Informant Claims Examination Unit into Whistleblower Office

 Effective January 1, 2012, the Informant Claims Examination Unit was realigned from Campus Compliance in the Small Business/Self Employed Operating Division to the Whistleblower Office.  The ICE Unit was the focal point for the IRS informant program prior to the 2006 legislation that created the Whistleblower Office, and continued to manage the process for claims that did not appear to meet the $2 million “amount in dispute” threshold established for the mandatory award program by those amendments.  The Whistleblower Office has worked with Campus Compliance and the ICE Unit to promote consistent treatment of claims, including a requirement that all awards be approved by the Director of the Whistleblower Office. This organizational change has been under active discussion with Campus Compliance management for many months, and is a natural step in the evolution of the IRS whistleblower program.  Receipt, control, evaluation and award processing are now incorporated in a single organization, streamlining management responsibility and program accountability.   While many will continue to refer to it as the ICE Unit, that group will appear on our organization chart as “Whistleblower Office-Ogden.” 

In the near term, the realignment will have limited impact on whistleblowers.  However, a key reason for this realignment was to improve program efficiency and take advantage of the skills and expertise of our entire team.  To that end, we have started a review of all processes used in the evaluation of whistleblower submissions, including Operating Division subject matter expert activities.  Over the next few months, we will identify opportunities to improve our efficiency and effectiveness, and will make adjustments to take advantage of those opportunities.


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