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Individual Income Tax Returns Line Item Estimates, 2013
The 2013 Statistics of Income (SOI) line item estimates publication presents estimates of frequencies of taxpayer entries on the lines of the forms and schedules filed with individual tax returns as shown on the 2013 Individual SOI Complete Report file. The statistics are based on a sample of returns that have been weighted to estimate the entire 2013 Tax Year population. The publication includes corresponding dollar amounts of selected lines filed in concurrence with the number of returns filed.
(August, 2015)

Individual Complete Report, Publication 1304, 2013
U.S. taxpayers filed 147.4 million individual income tax returns for tax year 2013. This was up 1.7 percent from 2012.  Also in tax year 2013, the adjusted gross income less deficit reported on those returns totaled $9.1 trillion, a 0.1-percent decrease from the prior year.  The report is based on a sample drawn from the 147.4 million individual income tax returns filed for tax year 2013 and provides estimates on sources of income, adjusted gross income, exemptions, deductions, taxable income, income tax, modified income tax, tax credits, self-employment tax, and tax payments. Classifications include tax status, size of adjusted gross income, marital status, age, and type of tax computation. A brief text reviews the requirements for filing tax returns, explains the changes in tax law, and describes the sample used to produce the report.
(August, 2015)

2013 Individual Income Tax ZIP Code and County Data
United States’ ZIP code and county data for Tax Year 2013 are now available on Tax Stats. The data present selected income and tax return items by State, ZIP code, county, and size of adjusted gross income. These data are based on individual income tax returns filed with the IRS. 
(August, 2015)

High-Income Tax Returns, 2012
For 2012, there were slightly more than 5.3 million individual income tax returns with an expanded income of $200,000 or more, accounting for 3.7 percent of all returns for the year. Of these, 13,350 returns had no worldwide income tax liability. This was a 10.3-percent decline in the number of returns with no worldwide income tax liability in 2011, and the third decrease in a row since reaching an all-time high of 19,551 returns in 2009.
(Summer Bulletin, 2015)

Individual Income Tax Returns, Preliminary Data, 2013
Preliminary data show that taxpayers filed nearly 148 million U.S. individual income tax returns for Tax Year 2013. While both adjusted gross income (AGI) and taxable income increased less than 1 percent from the previous year, total income tax rose 3.6 percent to $1.2 trillion and total tax liability increased 4.5 percent to $1.3 trillion. More than two-thirds of all taxpayers claimed the standard deduction, which accounted for 43 percent of total deductions. Total taxes and interest paid made up about 70 percent of all itemized deductions for the year.
(Spring Bulletin, 2015)

Individual Income Tax Shares, 2012
Taxpayers filed 136.1 million individual income tax returns, excluding returns filed by dependents, for 2012. Adjusted gross income (AGI) for taxable returns was $9.04 trillion, up nearly 9 percent from the prior year. Total income tax was more than $1 trillion. To be included in the top 1 percent of returns for 2012 required an AGI of $434,682 or more; the top 0.001 percent required an AGI of $62,068,187 or more. Returns in the top 10 percent (returns with AGI of $125,195 or more) accounted for nearly half of AGI and paid more than two-thirds of all individual income tax for the year.
(Spring Bulletin, 2015)

Individual Noncash Contributions, 2012
Individual taxpayers who itemized deductions reported almost $43 billion in noncash charitable contributions using Form 8283. Almost half of all noncash donations reported went to foundations ($11 billion) and large charitable organizations ($10.1 billion). Corporate stock accounted for the largest total amount and percentage of noncash charitable contributions, followed by clothing and household items. Taxpayers ages 65 or over accounted for more than a third of all noncash charitable contributions reported on Form 8283 for the year, even though they filed less than 16 percent of individual tax returns filed with a Form 8283.
(Spring Bulletin, 2015)


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