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Step 1 - Request Assistance

The first step is to contact the TIPSS Program Office and request a TIPSS-3 Start-Up Kit. 

The first Point of Contact (POC) should be with the Requirements Development Team (RDT) Facilitator.  The Facilitator is available to discuss your requirement, provide you with a walkthrough of the TIPSS website, if necessary and send you the TIPSS-3 Start-Up Kit electronically. 

After receiving a draft Statement of Work (SOW) or Performance Work Statement (PWS), the RDT Facilitator will assign your requirement to members of the Requirements Development Team (RDT). 

The RDT is comprised of Requirements Analysts (RAs) and Contracting Officers (COs) available to help you define your requirements and get the Contractor needed to do the work required by your organization/project using the competitive process. The RDT ensures that customer requirements are properly defined, documented, and communicated.

The RA will assist you in the competition process until Contractor selection is made.  A Lead COTR, the technical contract manager who provides technical direction, advice, and guidance will then be assigned to work with you during all of the task order administration phases of the task order (extensions and modifications) needed by your office up to the point of Task Order Closeout.
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TIPSS-3 Hotline Number: 202-283-1110
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