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Step 3 - Select Contractor

Contractor Selection Procedures
There are two types of Contractor selection procedures: competitive and sole source.  A competitive procedure is required for Contractor selection, unless an adequate justification is provided to satisfy regulations.

Task Placement Procedures
The Task Placement Request (TPR) Form is used to convey task administrative issues to the Contracting Officer, via your RA or Lead COTR.  Your Division Chief must sign this form.  When all of your paperwork is completed and approved, your RA or Lead COTR will send your Task Request Package to Contract Administration for processing.

Contractor Selection
Contract Administration will formally select a Contractor based on the criteria described in your Task Placement Request Form. At this point, you will receive a notice of the formal contractor selection with the contact information for the Contracting Officer who will now support your task. The Contracting Officer will send the SOW to the Contractor for review.

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