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Summary of Contract

The TIPSS-3 contracts were awarded as a result of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Solicitation No. TIRNO-04-R-00017 for Total Information Processing Support Services-3 (TIPSS-3). Each contract is indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ). The task orders "cost" types may be cost-reimbursement plus fixed fee (CPFF), firm fixed price (FFP), or time and materials (T&M), depending on the nature of the services to be provided, dollar values, and other factors.

The contract documents for each contractor receiving either a full and open (F&O) competition award or a small business set-aside (SBSA) award have substantially the same content.

Please note the following exclusions in the sample contract documents on this website:

• The Key Personnel clause in Section H.21 of each contract identifies one or more contractor employee(s).Their names are not stated.
• The Subcontracting Plan in Attachment J.5 of each F&O contract is not stated.
• The separately stated amounts of total estimated cost and of fixed fee that are included in Section B of each contract are not stated. However, the total contract minimum and maximum amounts for each principal task area and each contract performance period are stated for each contractor on one spreadsheet. Please note that any adjustments made as stated in Section B.3 of the contracts will not be posted because the contract maximum amounts are controlling.

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