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Additional Items Related to Form 1120-POL

Form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns
Use this form to request an automatic extension of time to file certain business income tax, information, and other returns.

Form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party - Business
Use this form to notify the Internal Revenue Service if you changed your business mailing address, your business location, or the identity of your responsible party.

Form 8834, Qualified Plug-in Electric and Electric Vehicle Credit
Use this form to claim the qualified plug-in electric vehicle credit and any qualified electric vehicle passive activity credits allowed for the current tax year.

Form 8871, Political Organization Notice of Section 527 Status
Political organizations electronically file this form to notify the IRS that they are to be treated as a section 527 organization and to notify the IRS of any material change in the information reported on a previously filed form.

Form 8872, Political Organization Report of Contributions and Expenditures
Tax-exempt section 527 political organizations file this form to report certain contributions received and expenditures made, unless an exception applies.

Schedule D (Form 1120), Capital Gains and Losses
Use this schedule to: figure the overall gain or loss from transactions reported on Form 8949; report certain transactions the corporation does not have to report on Form 8949; and report capital gain distributions not reported directly on Form 1120.

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