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Free On-Line Electronic Tax Filing Agreement

II. Summary

To accomplish the above objectives, the IRS and the Consortium (together, "the Parties") will work together to offer free, on- line tax return preparation and filing services to taxpayers ("Free Services"). The Consortium will offer Free Services to taxpayers. The IRS will provide taxpayers with links to the Free Services offered by the Consortium Participants through a web page (described more fully in V. below; hereafter, the "Web Page"), which will be hosted at accessible through During the term of this Agreement, the IRS will not compete with the Consortium in providing free, online tax return preparation and filing services to taxpayers.

This Agreement is the best method for meeting the above stated objectives because it will promote higher quality Free Services by utilizing the existing expertise of the private sector, maximize consumer choice, promote competition for such Free Services, and thereby meet the objectives in the least costly manner.

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