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Free On-Line Electronic Tax Filing Agreement

V. Consortium Web Page Operation

  1. The IRS will host and maintain the Web Page. The Consortium will submit to the IRS proposed content for the Web Page, and the IRS shall determine the final content to appear on the Web Page. The IRS will ensure that there are links from appropriate Government sites to the Web Page.
  2. The design of the Web Page will conform to the following guidelines:
    1. The Consortium will determine rank order placement of links to individual offerings in accordance with reasonable, objective criteria. Each listing of an offering will provide a description of the scope of, and eligibility for, Free Services it offers.
    2. The Web Page will provide a link to each Consortium Participant's Free Services entry using a minimum number of clicks.
    3. No advertising will appear on the Web Page.
    4. The Consortium will create and supply to IRS proposed content for the Web Page using existing IRS content management procedures.
    5. The Web Page will be developed using usability design principles and will be updated based upon usability testing and other user feedback.
  3. Taxpayers will be able to use Consortium Participants' software to prepare and electronically file their own personal income tax returns using proprietary processes and systems which such Participants host and maintain.
  4. The Consortium will promptly notify the IRS of any planned or unplanned unavailability (i.e., downtime) of an offering that is anticipated to exceed five hours in duration. The IRS will annotate that offering's listing on the Web Page with a notice advising the public of the unavailability. The IRS may delist an offeror if its service remains unavailable for more than 24 hours, but shall re-list after restoration of availability; provided, however, if a Consortium Participant repeatedly has periods of such unavailability, the IRS shall be entitled to delist that Consortium Participant.

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