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Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Subscriber Unit

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Welcome to the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Subscriber Unit web page. On this site, you will find information and guidance to help you fulfill LMR Project 25 Subscriber Unit Radio equipment requirements through the LMR subscriber unit contracts.

The Government requires effective, reliable, and secure wireless communications capabilities to successfully carry out a wide range of enforcement, protective, and security missions. LMR subscriber units are a primary tool for the Government to communicate in the field. LMR equipment and systems provide command, control, and communications capabilities not available on commercial wireless networks. While the Government relies on commercial wireless services for routine voice communications, private LMR networks provide a unique level of reliability and privacy required by enforcement, protective, and security missions.

The LMR subscriber unit contracts provide standards-based and standards-compliant LMR equipment to enable communications interoperability with similarly configured equipment. The TIA/EIA-102 suite of standards, also known as Project 25, provides the basis for the required LMR technical specifications. The TIA/EIA-102 standards, also known as the Project 25 Standards, specify radio equipment that allows for a smooth migration from analog operating in the 25 kHz bandwidth to 12.5 kHz digital operations. TIA/EIA-102 standards also provide for a “Common Air Interface” (CAI) across which radio equipment from multiple contractors will interoperate.

The LMR subscriber unit equipment contracts are for portable and mobile radios, portable repeaters and portable base stations, encryption key loaders and ancillary support accessories. The contracts provide standards-based equipment to capitalize on contractor and product diversity and to provide effective solutions for the Government.

LMR Overview

LMR Contractors - List of Contractors under the Land Mobile Radio Program and information regarding their contracts (CLINs, Modifications, DUNS number, contractor points of contact and links to contractor websites).

Government Point of Contact

Contract - the general terms and conditions of the LMR contracts. Individual modifications to the contracts can be found under the link to LMR Contractors.

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LMR Authorized Users

Customer Information - Step by Step Guide and Ordering Guide to provide information on how to use our contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

508 Requirements/Policy - The requirements for the Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998 (25 U.S.C. paragraph 794 (d)) has been waived based on the National Security Intelligence Exception in the calss-action waiver of contracts for subscriber unit Land Mobile Radio (LMR) equipment.

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