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IRS Withholding Calculator (ASL) - YouTube video text script

Hi, I’m Andrew, and I work for the IRS.

When you filed your tax return, did you get a big refund because you had too much tax taken out of your paycheck?   

Or maybe you ended up owing the government money because you had too little taken out.  

If so, you can fix that.

Just use the IRS Withholding Calculator at In the search field, type “Withholding Calculator”.

It’s important to check your withholdings, especially if there’s been a change in your filing status, like if you got married, the number of dependents you are claiming such as having a baby, or other changes affecting your income since last year.  Maybe you bought a home.    And, if you have more than one job, full-time or part-time, you will want to make sure all your employers are withholding the right amount to cover your total income tax.  

You can use the online Withholding Calculator even for a temporary job, like a summer job.   

If the Withholding Calculator shows you should change the amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck, all you need to do is fill out a new W-4, which you get at

Then give it to your payroll department.   

Again, to learn more, go to and in the search field, type “Withholding Calculator”.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 09-Feb-2017