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Procurement At-a-Glance


Deliver quality acquisition services to ensure effective tax administration


We will be an innovative, valued and respected partner in the delivery of acquisition services.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Be an Employee Valued Organization
  • Enhance Strategic Partnerships
  • Streamline Business Processes to Create Efficiencies
  • Seamless Customer Experience


Washington, DC

Management Team:

Shanna Webbers, Chief Procurement Officer
Joe Gregory, Director, Office of Business Operations
      Cindy Lynn, Deputy Director, Office of Business Operations
      Anthony (Tony) McCoy, Chief, Field Operations Branch, Midstates Area
      Peter DiNicola, Field Operations Branch, Northeast Area
      Charisse Jackson, Chief, Field Operations Branch, Southeast Area
      Hal Davis, Chief, Field Operations Branch, Western Area
Director, Office of Information Technology (IT) Acquisition
      Becky Swinson, Deputy Director, Office of Information Technology (IT) Acquisition
           IT Services and PRIME Contract Support
      Patrick Bergin, Deputy Director, Office of Information Technology (IT)
           Acquisition, Enterprise Networks and Tier Systems Support
Jodie Paustian, Director, Office of Procurement Policy
Chris Rodgers, Director, Office of Procurement Support Services
Marla Sands, Acting Director, Office of Treasury Procurement Services


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