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Received a Letter from the IRS? - February 2010 (ASL) YouTube video text script

Hi, I’m Patti and I work for the IRS.
Have you received a letter from us recently?
Yeah, I know that can be scary but don't panic.
And please, don't ignore it.
There are many reasons the IRS will send you a letter, or a notice, as we call it.
Sometimes we just have a question about your tax return.
Perhaps we found a mistake.
The notice covers a very specific issue and gives specific instructions on what you should do. 
Usually the issue can be handled without visiting or calling the IRS.
For example, if you owe additional tax, you can often set up a payment plan right online.
If you do have questions, there’s always a telephone number listed on the notice.
Also, we've been working to make our letters much easier to understand.
This is an ongoing project to improve our communications with you.
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