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SOI Tax Stats - SOI Bulletin: Fall 2004

Charities and Other Tax-Exempt Organizations, 2001 (PDF)
Article by Paul Arnsberger, SOI

Nonprofit charitable organizations held over $1.6 trillion in assets and filed over 240,000 information returns for Tax Year 2001.

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Corporate Foreign Tax Credit, 2000 (PDF)
Article by Scott Luttrell, SOI

For Tax Year 2000, 5,917 U.S. corporations claimed foreign tax credits, reducing their U.S. income tax liability by $48.4 billion.

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Domestic Private Foundations and Charitable Trusts, 2001 (PDF)
Article by Melissa Ludlum, SOI

Nearly 70,800 private foundations filed Forms 990-PF and reported disbursements of nearly $27.4 billion in contributions, gifts, and grants for Tax Year 2001.

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Individual Income Tax Returns, 2002 (PDF)
Article by Michael Parisi and Scott Hollenbeck, SOI

Taxpayers filed 130.1 million individual income tax returns for Tax Year 2002, reporting $6.0 trillion of adjusted gross income.

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Partnership Returns for 2002 (PDF)
Article by Tim Wheeler and Maureen Parsons, SOI

The total number of partnerships increased to 2,242,169, but net income (less deficit) decreased to $270.7 billion.

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