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Statements from State Officials on Corporation Sole Schemes

“During the last few years, corporation sole filings have increased dramatically. Unfortunately, many appear to be submitted by the same, small group of people. They're filed on behalf of as many as 20 others at a time, over and over again. These filers are very reluctant to provide any address or identifying information to our staff. When we contact individual filers, we find they often operate under the mistaken impression that simply by filing a corporation sole, they are exempt from taxation and other kinds of debt collection. It's a shame people spend hard-earned money on these filings in the belief they will become tax exempt even though they're not legitimate churches.”

Mike Ricchio
Director, Corporations Division
Secretary of State's Office
State of Washington

“Scheme promoters are telling people that by filing a corporation sole they are creating a church or a religious organization. This information is false. A religious organization must already exist before the authority for the organization files the articles of incorporation for the corporation sole. Any legitimate religious organization filing a corporation sole would have no fear of IRS scrutiny or any regulatory filing associated with the corporation sole.

"During the last three years, the Utah Division of Corporations/UCC has seen an unprecedented growth in corporation sole filings. It appears that many of the filings are mass-produced, as there are only a few variations in the document content and verbiage. These recent filings are an abuse of the legislative intent of the Corporation Sole Act."

Kathy Berg
Director, Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
State of Utah

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