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Understanding Taxes (ASL) - YouTube video text script

Hi, I’m Maria and I work for the IRS.

Did you know that Understanding Taxes is just a point and click away?
That’s right.
Understanding Taxes is a free, fun and simple interactive online tool designed for teachers by teachers.
It can be used in high schools, community colleges and by the general public for learning about the hows and whys of taxes.
It makes teaching taxes as easy as A-B-C.
A, it’s accessible online at from any computer and it’s organized for teacher flexibility.
B, it brings learning to life by connecting the real world to the classroom through simulated activities, tutorials and quizzes.
And C, it’s comprehensive.
The lesson plans cover theory, history and application.
Each lesson plan includes a link to the educational standard for your state, or for the nation, making it simple for you to integrate Understanding Taxes into your existing classroom curriculum.
And the student modules include interactive features for a real-world application of what they learn in the classroom.
Understanding Taxes is truly the quick and simple way to start understanding your taxes.
To learn more, just go to; keyword: Understanding Taxes.

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