Thông báo: Nội dung lịch sử

Đây là một tài liệu lưu trữ hoặc lịch sử và có thể không phản ánh luật pháp, chính sách hoặc thủ tục hiện hành.


Name and address of the reporting corporation: Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.
5500 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 1600
Minneapolis, MN  55416
Date of transaction: 2/5/18
Description of the transaction: Acquired all the outstanding common stock of Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.
Did the reporting corporation’s shareholders receive any stock or other property in exchange for their stock in the reporting corporation, for which the reporting corporation has reasonably determined that the shareholders are required to recognize gain (if any) from the exchange of such stock? Yes
Fair market value of the stock or other property received 2.5 billion
Description of the stock or other property received 157.00 in cash per share of common stock