VITA Grant FAQs Category: Selection Process


1. How will grant recipients be selected?

Throughout the selection and award process, the IRS will focus on implementing the VITA Grant program as directed by Congress. Applications will be screened against the eligibility criteria; and eligible applicants will then be evaluated and ranked based on their technical merit, geographic coverage, funding and other considerations.

2. What is the timeframe for reviewing the application package?

The review and ranking process occur concurrently and will be completed between June and September.

3. How do you ensure funds are disbursed among the different states?

Each year, the Grant Program Office reviews Census data for low income populations and targets funds for each state based on this population.  However, funds are shifted when eligible applicants are not present in a particular state.  Within each state, funding for each award is based on the strength of the applicant’s program and the funds requested and available. 


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