The mission of the IRS comes with a responsibility to operate with the utmost integrity, accountability and transparency. We embrace the responsibility while understanding the challenges ahead — including changes in tax law, aging technology infrastructure, staffing challenges, cybersecurity risks and fiscal uncertainty. We have confidence we’ll achieve our mission and vision through a steadfast execution of our strategy. We have been and will continue to be successful because of our talented and dedicated workforce and the efforts of our partners in the tax community.

This five-year strategic plan will help us achieve our vision for the future to modernize the taxpayer experience and empower the workforce to operate more efficiently. We envision a future in which taxpayers will find information quickly and be able to adjust their accounts independently. This will result in a high rate of compliance and increased satisfaction with interactions with the IRS. Cases will be resolved faster and employees will continue to be engaged in their work. We believe this will allow the IRS to maintain and enhance our unique position as the administrator of the most effective voluntary compliance tax system in the world.

The IRS will use this plan to guide operations across our organization. We will monitor our progress against the plan on a recurring basis, review our organizational performance, study changes in our environment and update the plan as needed.