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FATCA Registration System Updates

The following changes were made to the FATCA Registration System on December 8, 2013.  For more detailed information, refer to Appendix A in the updated FATCA Registration Online User Guide.

1. Corrections to reported problems:

(a) Corrects problems with Member PDF file – currently only displays last 50 members in list, times out when there is a large number of members

(b) Corrects problem with deleting PAI contracts in part 3, question 15

(c) Corrects problem with missing header for part 4 when a lead goes from part 2 to part 4 of the form

2. Wording updates

(a) Minor Wording Changes to Registration screens (Questions 10, 11a, 11b, POC Authorization, Part 4 – Submit)

(b) Wording changes to Help Text,  including Instructions page and Get Help Page

(c) Wording change on error message for locked account - Multiple User Login

(d) Wording changes on FI Home Pages

(e) Updates to external content linked to from Registration System

(f) Update to Country Drop Down List for questions with countries

3. Enhancements

(a) Additional Statuses  added

(b) Additional information added on FI Home Pages , including link to manage branch information   

(c) Added ability to download Branch Information to a PDF file

(d) Added notifications to FI’s, including external email notifications to RO for certain status changes

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 11-Dec-2013