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Product Code and Quantity Reporting

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Ultra low sulfur diesel is treated as low sulfur diesel for ExSTARS reporting purposes. Select the low sulfur diesel product code, listed in Publication 3536, Appendix A, that best matches the ultra low sulfur diesel without regard to sulfur content.

Biodiesel Mixture

Biodiesel product codes are B00-99 (00 = B100). B99 means “blended” BioDiesel – ie 1 gal mixture in 1000. A mixture of 99.9 percent should use B99 product code.

Gross and Net Gallons

Net gallons means liquid product measured in U.S. gallons corrected to a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius and to a pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch (psi). Net gallons are reported for every transaction and for reporting inventory.  Gross gallons means the total product measured in U.S. gallons without temperature or barometric adjustments. For each non-bulk disbursement transaction, gross gallons must be reported in addition to net gallons.

Substitute Product Codes

Substitute Product Codes have been developed for use by terminal operators reporting book adjustments with certain product codes that may be restricted under the new EDI version 2.2.4.

Only terminal operators reporting transactions from a restricted product code may use the substitute equivalent. Terminal operators are not required to use substitute codes and may continue to use gains and losses or some other reasonable reporting method.

The Substitute Product Codes are effective as of October 15, 2011 and may be used on reports due after May 31, 2011.  Substitute product codes will remain available until a software revision is implemented.

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