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Understanding your CP01H Notice

You received a CP 01H notice because we were unable to process your tax return. The IRS has locked your account because the Social Security Administration informed us that the Social Security number (SSN) of the primary or secondary taxpayer on the return belongs to someone who was deceased prior to the current tax year (before January 1, 2014 for a 2014 tax return).

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How to get help

Calling the 1-800 number listed on the top right corner of your notice is the fastest way to get your questions answered.

You can also authorize someone (such as an accountant) to contact the IRS on your behalf using this Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (Form 2848).

Or you may qualify for help from a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.

What you need to do

If you think our records are in error, contact the Social Security Administration to correct the situation. If the account is corrected, they will provide you with a Letter SSA 2458 showing the correction. Once the information has been corrected, follow the instructions shown on your CP 01H notice to file your return.

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Answers to Common Questions

Why am I getting this notice?
You are receiving this notice because the Social Security Administration identified that an SSN used on the federal income tax you filed belongs to an individual who was deceased prior to January 1 of the current tax year (not calendar year). The account was locked by the IRS to prevent identity theft by the misuse of this number.

How can I get the account unlocked?
If the person to whom the Social Security number belongs is erroneously identified as deceased:

  1. Contact the Social Security Administration and have them remove the date of death.
  2. Obtain an SSA 2458 letter showing the account has been corrected.
  3. Follow the instructions for sending the SSA letter along with other information requested on the CP 01H to the IRS Service Center where you filed your original return.

Tips for next year

Be sure to use the correct Social Security numbers when preparing next year's tax return.

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