Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2005-32 

August 8, 2005 


Rev. Rul. 2005-47 Rev. Rul. 2005-47

ATM surcharge fees. This ruling holds that, for federal income tax purposes, a credit card issuer treats third-party ATM surcharge fees incurred by its cardholders as additional amounts loaned to those cardholders. Further, this is so whether the credit card issuer reflects the ATM surcharge fee on the cardholder’s account as part of the amount of the cardholder’s cash advance (as in Situation 1) or as a separately stated amount (as in Situation 2).

Rev. Rul. 2005-48 Rev. Rul. 2005-48

Restricted property received for services; securities law. This ruling clarifies that, except as otherwise provided by section 83 of the Code, transfer restrictions on restricted stock or other section 83 property do not prevent the property from being substantially vested for purposes of section 83.

Notice 2005-53 Notice 2005-53

This notice provides supplemental guidance for foreign banks concerning interest expense allocation. The notice also indicates that the Treasury Department and the IRS are evaluating foreign banking industry data to determine whether the 93-percent fixed ratio in step 2 of the interest expense allocation formula under regulations section 1.882-5 should be increased, and whether the fair market value election for valuing U.S. assets should require the use of the actual ratio in step 2. The notice also permits taxpayers who use the adjusted U.S. book liability method to calculate excess interest by reference to a published LIBOR rate rather than the taxpayer’s actual non-U.S.-based dollar borrowing rate.

Notice 2005-55 Notice 2005-55

2005 marginal production rates. This notice announces the applicable percentage under section 613A of the Code to be used in determining percentage depletion for marginal properties for the 2005 calendar year.

Notice 2005-56 Notice 2005-56

2005 enhanced oil recovery credit. The enhanced oil recovery credit for taxable years beginning in the 2005 calendar year is determined without regard to the phase-out for crude oil price increases provided in section 43(b) of the Code.

Notice 2005-57 Notice 2005-57

Tobacco quota termination payments. This notice provides guidance in a Q&A format regarding the tax treatment of payments made to eligible tobacco quota holders for the termination of tobacco marketing quotas and related price support programs under the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004. Notice 2005-51 modified and superseded.

Rev. Proc. 2005-47 Rev. Proc. 2005-47

This procedure provides automatic consent procedures for certain taxpayers to change their method of accounting for credit card cash advance fees to treat these fees as creating or increasing OID on a pool of credit card loans that includes the cash advances that give rise to these fees. The procedure also sets forth the conditions under which the Commissioner will not challenge a taxpayer’s treatment of such fees. Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.

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