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SOI Tax Stats - State-to-State Migration Database Files

State and county migration statistics will continue to be produced and posted on this site. Statistics for 1990 through 2010 are currently available. Statistics for 2011 will be posted as soon as they are completed. In addition, work is underway at IRS and the Bureau of the Census to develop additional migration statistics that take advantage of improved data that have recently become available.


Data files are available for download in two formats:

• Generic ASCII data files (.dat file extension)—These require a record layout to read.
• Comma Separated Values files (.csv file extension)—Data items are separated by commas, where each new line represents a new row.



Migration Data Users Guide

Record layouts—Required for .dat files

State-to-State Inflow

.dat File
2009-2010     2008-2009     2007-2008     2006-2007     2005-2006     2004-2005

.csv File
2009-2010     2008-2009     2007-2008     2006-2007     2005-2006     2004-2005

State-to-State Outflow

.dat File
2009-2010     2008-2009     2007-2008     2006-2007     2005-2006     2004-2005

.csv File
2009-2010     2008-2009     2007-2008     2006-2007     2005-2006     2004-2005


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