Completing 2020 Schedule A (Form 990-T) When Gross Income is $10,000 or Less


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If you are completing the 2020 Schedule A (Form 990-T) because your gross income is $10,000 or less, follow the instructions below to determine which parts of Schedule A and Form 990-T to complete.

Is Gross Income $10,000 or Less?

If the sum of the amounts in all Schedules A (Form 990-T) Part I, line 13, column (A), is $10,000 or less, complete Schedule A (Form 990-T) and Form 990-T as follows.

Schedule A (Form 990-T).

a. Complete the heading on each Schedule A.
b. Part I. Complete only the lines that apply.

  1. Enter information directly in column (A) on lines 1, 3 through 5, 12, and 13.
  2. Entries for lines 2, and 6 through 11, must be made on the Part referenced in the text for the line in Part I. For example, enter the amount for Part I, line 2, on Part III, line 8. For Part I, line 6, columns (A) and (B), enter the amount on Part IV, line 3 and line 5 respectively.
  3. Make entries as necessary to complete the applicable lines in column (C).

c. Part II. Complete lines 15-18, and if necessary, the attachment to line 17 (net operating loss deduction).

Form 990-T.

a. Complete all applicable lines in the heading area.
b. Complete all applicable lines as needed to determine the appropriate tax, applicable credits, and balance due or refund amount.
c. Complete the signature area.


If an entry for a line on Part I or Part II must be made on a different Part of Schedule A, complete only the lines in the Part that reference a specific line on Part I or Part II. Leave all other lines in the applicable Part blank.

Note. Filers with gross income of $10,000 or less as described above don't have to complete Schedule A, Parts III though X (except as described above because certain entries must be made in those sections to populate lines in Part I). However, refer to applicable Parts of Schedule A when completing Schedule A, Part I, column (A) and in determining the deductible expenses to include on Schedule A, Part I, line 13, column (B).

Part I, column (A) and in determining the deductible expenses to include on Schedule A, Part I, line 13, column (B).