Change to the Instructions for Form 8991, Schedule A, line 9b


Уведомление. Ретроспективное содержание

Это архивный или ретроспективный документ, который может не отражать действующее законодательство, политику или процедуры.

With the issuance of Notice 2022-30, it is necessary to update the second paragraph of the Schedule A, line 9b, instructions for Form 8991. The second paragraph is revised as follows.

A taxpayer meets the reporting requirement of Regulations sections 1.59A-6(b)(2) and 1.6038A-2(b)(7)(ix) by entering the amount on line 9b. For tax years beginning in or after 2025, a taxpayer will also need to provide a representation that all payments satisfy the requirements of Regulations section 1.59A-6(b)(2) and meet the reporting requirements of Regulations section 1.59A-6(b)(2) and 1.6038A-2(b)(7)(ix).