Extensions of Time for Filing


Requesting an Extension of Time to File ExSTARS Reports

Use Form 8809-EX to request a 30-day extension of time to file an Excise Summary Terminal Activity Reporting System (EXSTARS) information report (Form 720-TO, Terminal Operator Report, or Form 720-CS, Carrier Summary Report. Request for a 30-day extension will be granted, if received in writing on or before the due date. To request an extension, send Form 8809-EX to one of the following addresses:




Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Excise Unit-Stop 5701G
Cincinnati, OH 45999

If You Need More than a 30-Day Extension to File

If you will need additional time to comply with your filing obligation. You may request an extension for an additional amount of time. The extension request must contain an explanation as to why the additional time is needed and what your company's strategy will be during the extension period to become compliant.

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