News Releases for January 2006


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IRS Tools Help Tax Professionals Prepare Accurate EITC Claims

IR-2006-20, Jan. 26, 2006 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded tax professionals that they can use several online tools to help clients with the EITC.

Online Tool Helps Hurricane Victims with New EITC and ACTC Rules

IR-2006-21, Jan. 26, 2006 — Special rules for victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma will ease the eligibility requirements for the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit.

New Publication Explains Tax Law Changes Related to Recent Hurricanes

IR-2006-18, Jan. 24, 2006 — The IRS has posted a new publication to to inform taxpayers affected by hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma about benefits in recent legislation.

Certain Tax Returns Go to Different Centers than Last Year

IR-2006-16, Jan 18, 2006 — Tax returns of individuals from the District of Columbia and 11 states will be mailed to different centers than last year.

Commissioner Everson Calls for Improvements to Refund Fraud Program

IR-2006-19, Jan. 24, 2006 — The IRS will review the Questionable Refund Program to make improvements in processing and taxpayer notification.

IRS Selects Seven New Members for Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee

IR-2006-17, Jan. 19, 2006 — Seven new members will join the eight returning committee members in providing the IRS with recommendations on a variety of information reporting issues.

Free File Opens Today with Enhanced Taxpayer Services

IR-2006-15, Jan. 18, 2006 — The Internal Revenue Service and its private-sector partners today announced the opening of Free File, the free tax preparation and free electronic filing initiative that marks its fourth year.

Tax Law Changes Delay e-file for a Small Number of 2005 Forms

IR-2006-14, Jan. 14, 2006 — Last minute tax law changes mean a small percentage of e-filers should hold off filing until the end of January.

IRS and Treasury Provide Guidance to Hybrid Manufacturers

IR-2006-12, Jan. 13, 2006 — Taxapayers buying hybrid vehicles will be able to rely on certification from manufacturers who go through the process outlined in today's guidance.

IRS Settlement Deadline Approaches

IR-2006-13, Jan. 13, 2006 — Internal Revenue Service officials today reminded taxpayers of a Jan. 23, 2006 to opt for a global settlement initiative. There will be no deadline extension.

IRS Revises Schedule K-1 for Trusts

IR-2006-11, Jan. 12, 2006 — The newly simplified Form K-1, used to report income, deductions and credits from trusts and estates to beneficiaries, is now available for use.

National Taxpayer Advocate Releases 2005 Report to Congress; Stresses Need for Fundamental Tax Simplification

IR-2006-9, Jan. 10, 2006 — National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson today released a report to Congress that urges Congress to enact fundamental tax simplification.

IRS e-file Marks its 20th Year; Electronic IRS Makes Debut

IR-2006-10, Jan. 12, 2006— Taxpayers may file their 2005 tax returns electronically beginning January 13 as IRS e-file celebrates its 20th anniversary.

IRS and Telemundo Host Tax Information Program for Spanish-Speaking Taxpayers 2006

IR-2006-8, Jan. 9, 2006 — The IRS is joining national television network Telemundo in a special one-hour tax program for Spanish-speaking taxpayers on Sunday, Jan. 15.

New Rules Outlined for ITIN Acceptance Agents

IR-2006-7, Jan. 9, 2006 — New rules for ITIN Acceptance Agents go into effect Jan. 9, 2006.

IRS and Treasury Change Reporting for Certain Transactions with Significant Book-Tax Differences

IR-2006-6, Jan. 6, 2006 — IRS and Treasury officials announced today the elimination of a class of reportable transactions.

IRS Announces Additional Agreements to Assist Disaster Victims 1

IR-2006-5, Jan. 5, 2006 –– The IRS and four additional tax professional organizations have agreed to partner to provide assistance to taxpayers at local disaster recovery centers

IRS Provides Safe Harbor to Heavy Equipment Dealers For Use of Replacement Cost for Parts

IR-2006-4, Jan. 4, 2006 –– The IRS issued guidance on the safe harbor for heavy equipment dealers in Revenue Procedure 2006-14.

IRS Simplifies Tax Filing Requirements for Small Employers

IR-2006-2, January 3, 2006 — The IRS today issued temporary and proposed regulations that will significantly reduce tax filing burden for nearly 950,000 small business owners.

IRS Opens 2006 Filing Season

IR-2006-1, Jan. 3, 2006 — The IRS expects to process 135 million individual tax returns in 2006.

New AMT Assistant Debuts on

IR-2006-3, Jan. 4, 2006 — Online tool to help individuals determine whether they are subject to alternative minimum tax.


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