News Releases for November 2004


通知 :历史内容


IRS Simplifies Tax Deposit Rules for Small Businesses

IR-2004-143 — Increasing the minimum threshold for unemployment deposits reduces burden for more than 4 million small businesses.

IRS Officials Urge Care for Those Making a Car Donation; New Law Changes Rules at End of the Year

IR-2004-142 — With tax law changes affecting charitable donations, taxpayers can find the answers from the IRS and state agencies.

IRS and Treasury Issue Proposed Regulations on Partnership Transfers

IR-2004-141 — Regulations on determining when a transfer of consideration constitutes a disguised sale of a partnership interest.

IRS Names Henry V. Singleton Industry Director of Retailers, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

IR-2004-140 — IRS Appoints Henry V. Singleton to lead office to specialize in retail, food, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industry issues.

2005 Standard Mileage Rates Set

IR-2004-139—The Standard Mileage Rate has been increased by 3 cents.

Treasury and IRS Issue Guidance on New Requirements for Disclosing Reportable Transactions

IR-2004-138 — The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 provides new rules relating to tax shelters.

$73 Million in Refund Checks Go Undelivered

IR-2004-137 — The IRS is looking for more than 87,000 taxpayers whose refunds checks were returned to the agency.

IRS and Puerto Rico Announce Partnership

IR-2004-136 — This is the latest development in an effort to enable federal, state and commonwealth tax agencies to combat abusive tax avoidance transactions.

IRS Selects Three New ETAAC Members

IR-2004-135 — Nora Daly, James Gottfried, and Linda Lueck join the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC).

IRS Reminds Certain Taxpayers of Nov. 10 Deadline

IR-2004-134 — U.S. Uniformed Services and Foreign Service personnel are reminded that Nov. 10 is the deadline to file amended returns to recoup capital gains taxes paid on the sale of a personal residence.

IRS Revises Application Form for Charitable Organizations

IR-2004-133 — New form streamlines application process and will help IRS spot potentially abusive charities.

IRS Seeks Applications for TE/GE Advisory Committee 2004

IR-2004-132 — Committee provides avenue for public input into critical tax administration areas.


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