Post Filing Season Partnering (May – August) Opportunities

  • Sponsor volunteer celebrations to recognize the efforts put forth over the past several months
  • Schedule a conference among coalition partners; assess and redefine the roles
  • Research to find any grant opportunities available to community service providers
  • Fund research grants to more clearly identify community incomes, demographics, etc.
  • Create a volunteer training plan that continues year-round, using computer labs available through coalition partner organizations
  • Provide a venue for the partners who provided tax preparation or other services to share ideas


The possibilities of partnering are endless and the effects are boundless. The power of coalitions is a driving force nationwide. If the mission of your organization coincides with that of IRS, why not consider becoming a partner?

To discuss partnering opportunities, send an email to , and let us know how we can help you get started.

We are Glad to Help!

We will help you get started, so please take a minute to peruse our  Partner Products and Volunteer Resource Center for products, web sites, and other materials that may be helpful in your partnership with IRS.