Automated Lien System (ALS) Database Listing


A standard listing of business liens extracted quarterly from the IRS Automated Lien System database is available in pipe-delimited text format on compact disc (CD).

The database from which this information was extracted doesn't represent the legal filings of notices of federal tax liens. The data, therefore, may be incomplete and, in some instances, inaccurate. For official purposes, all data should be confirmed with the appropriate local filing jurisdictions.

Each lien record in the extracted file contains multiple fields, including:

  • Lien ID Number
  • TP ID Number
  • TP Name and Address
  • Lien Status

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) authorizes government agencies to recover the costs associated with processing requests for records. The government cost for producing the standard ALS database listing CD is $130.00. Make your check or money order for $130.00 payable to U.S. Treasury.

Submit a written request for the ALS database listing CD to:

IRS FOIA Request
Stop 93A
PO Box 621506
Atlanta, GA 30362-3006