The Whistleblower Law


Transition rules

  • New section Title 26 Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 7623(b) includes several requirements that are inconsistent with the regulations and internal instructions applicable to IRC 7623(a).
  • Long-standing authority to pay awards at the discretion of the Secretary was re-designated as section IRC 7623(a), and a new section IRC 7623(b) was added. What is now IRC 7623(a) has been implemented through regulations appearing at 25 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 301.7623-1.
  • Until the Treasury Department publishes final rules to implement new section IRC 7623(b), the regulations appearing at 26 CFR 301.7623-1 will, in general, continue to apply to section IRC 7623(a). The final regulations were effective on August 12, 2014.

IRC Section 7623(a) - Informant Claims Program

IRC Section 7623(b) - Whistleblower Rules

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