New Directors Named for LMSB - August 2006


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IR-2006-127, August 16, 2006    

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service has announced five director-level appointments in its Large and Mid-Size Business (LMSB) division, which serves corporations, subchapter S corporations and partnerships with assets greater than $10 million. New directors were named for four of LMSB’s five industries as well as for LMSB’s Pre-Filing and Technical Guidance unit. These leadership changes followed other recent executive retirements, transfers and promotions within the IRS.

Patricia Chaback was named Industry Director, Communications, Technology and Media (CTM), filling the vacancy left by Frank Ng who recently was named Deputy Commissioner, LMSB (International). For the past four years, Chaback served as Director Field Operations (DFO) for the Financial Services (FS) industry. She began her career as a revenue agent in 1982, and she was instrumental in the creation of the Compliance Assurance Process (CAP), currently being piloted in LMSB. The CTM serves businesses involved in computer production, media (including communication and software), sports franchises, gaming and recreation.

Paul DeNard was named Director, Pre-filing and Technical Guidance (PFTG), following the promotion of Kathy Petronchak to serve as Chief of Staff for IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson. For the past three years, DeNard served as Industry Director, FS. He began his IRS career in 1978. PFTG oversees a variety of pre-filing and tax administration initiatives, including the industry issue resolution process, pre-filing agreements and implementation of Schedule M-3. PFTG oversees LMSB’s efforts to identify and combat abusive tax shelters. 
Barry Shott was named Industry Director FS, filling the vacancy left by DeNard. For the prior six months, Shott served as Acting Industry Director, CTM. Before that, he served as DFO (Manhattan) for the FS industry for over two years. Shott began his career with the IRS in 1975. FS serves taxpayers in the commercial banking, savings and loan, securities and financial service businesses.

Henry Singleton was named Industry Director, Heavy Manufacturing & Transportation (HMT) filling the vacancy left by John Petrella, who retired in early July. Singleton previously served as Director for Retailers, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (RFPH) industry and also served as a DFO in the HMT industry. He began his career in 1987. HMT serves aerospace, air transportation, shipping, rail, trucking, motor vehicle and domestic production sectors.

John Risacher was named Director of the RFPH, filling the vacancy left by Henry Singleton. Risacher most recently served for several years as a DFO in HMT.  He began his career in IRS in 1973 and held a number of significant examination leadership positions in multiple district offices. Headquartered in Downers Grove, Ill., RFPH serves taxpayers dealing in food and beverages, retailing, pharmaceuticals, agricultural commodities, farms and healthcare. 

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