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These documents are legal advice, signed by executives in the National Office of the Office of Chief Counsel and issued to Internal Revenue Service personnel who are national program executives and managers. They are issued to assist Service personnel in administering their programs by providing authoritative legal opinions on certain matters, such as industry-wide issues. See CCDM 33.1.2, Chief Counsel's Legal Advice Program.

Note: These documents cannot be used or cited as precedent.

Number Release date Subject
AM-2024-001 PDF 2/15/2024 Liability of Certain Third-Party Payers for an Underpayment of Certain Employment Taxes Resulting from Improperly Claimed Employment Tax Credits
AM-2023-008 PDF 12/29/2023 Effect of Group Membership on Financial Transactions under Section 482 and Treas. Reg. § 1.482-2(a)
AM-2023-007 PDF 11/3/2023 Whether an Employer Experienced a Full or Partial Suspension of The Operation of a Trade or Business under Section 2301 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or Section 3134 of the Internal Revenue Code Due to Communications from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
AM-2023-006 PDF 8/18/2023  Non-grantor, irrevocable, complex, discretionary, spendthrift trust
AM-2023-005 PDF 7/21/2023 Whether an Employer Experienced a Full or Partial Suspension of the Operation of a Trade or Business under Section 2301 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or Section 3134 of the Internal Revenue Code due to a Supply Chain Disruption
AM-2023-004 PDF 6/9/2023 Whether Operation of an NIL Collective Furthers an Exempt Purpose Under Section 501(c)(3)
AM-2023-003 PDF 5/19/2023 Application of Exception under section 897(c)(3) to Stock Held by Partnerships
AM-2023-002 PDF 3/10/2023 Timing of Basis Increases under Section 961(a) for Purposes of Midyear PTEP Distributions
AM-2023-001 PDF 2/24/2023 Depositary Receipts Programs
AM-2022-007 PDF 12/16/2022 Payment of legal fees to a third party
AM-2022-006 PDF 11/18/2022 Realistic Alternatives and Tax Considerations in the Application of Sections 482 and 367(d)
AM-2022-005 PDF 11/18/2022 Treaty benefits with respect to distributions and gains with respect to stock of a Domestic International Sales Corporation (DISC)
AM-2022-004 PDF 11/4/2022 Active trade or business requirement under Treas. Reg. § 1.367(a)-3(c)(3)(i)(A)
AM-2022-003 PDF 9/23/2022 Advance Payments of Annual Section 367(d) Inclusions
AM-2022-002 PDF 9/2/2022 Best Practices for Reviewing a Multi-Year Section 332 Liquidation
AM-2022-001 PDF 5/6/2022 Allocation and Apportionment of Deferred Compensation Expense for Purposes of Calculating Section 250 Foreign-Derived Intangible Income
AM-2021-004 PDF 7/15/2021 Section 482 Adjustments for Cost Sharing Agreements with Reverse Claw-Back

AM-2021-003 PDF


Application of Section 7611 to Letter 226-J
AM-2021-002 PDF 4/2/2021 Federal Tax Classification of Certain Foreign Entities
AM-2021-001 PDF 3/12/2021 Section 170(h)(4)(B)(i) and Installation of an Accessibility Ramp Required by the
Americans With Disabilities Act
AM-2020-009 PDF 8/7/2020 Daily Fantasy Sports and the Excise Taxes on Wagering
AM-2020-008 PDF 7/10/2020

Application of section 512(a)(6) to post-2017 net operating losses carried back to pre-2018 years

AM-2020-007 PDF 7/10/2020 Section 199 Request for Legal Advice
AM-2020-006 PDF 6/26/2020 Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Structure
AM-2020-005 PDF 5/29/2020 Holding Period following Certain 351 Transactions
AM-2020-004 PDF 5/22/2020 Timing of Income Inclusion and Application of Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) taxes and Federal Income Tax Withholding for Stock-Settled Awards
AM-2020-003 PDF 5/15/2020 Treatment of Cost Facilitative of initial Public Offering
AM-2020-002 PDF 4/10/2020 Late Filing of Form 3115 Duplicate Copy
AM-2020-001 PDF 3/27/2020 Section 170(h) and Conservation Easement Deed Amendment Clauses
AM-2019-003 PDF 12/20/2019 Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Price Protection Agreements
AM-2019-002 PDF 12/13/2019 Qualified Plan Adoption Requirements
AM-2019-001 PDF 10/4/2019      Availability of section 952(c)(1)(B)(vii)(I) Election for Insurance income
AM-2018-005 PDF 12/7/2018 Deduction for Energy Efficient Commercial Building Property
AM-2018-004 PDF 11/23/2018 Determining Substantial Noncompensatory Business Reason
AM-2018-003 PDF 8/3/2018 Multiple RAB Shares & Subsequent PCTs
AM-2018-002 PDF 3/9/2018 Refined Coal Partnerships
AM-2018-001 PDF 2/23/2018 Clarification of Revenue Procedure 2017-47
AM-2017-005 PDF 11/22/2017 Effect of Short Taxable Years on Gain Recognition Agreements
AM-2017-004 PDF 8/25/2017 Identity Theft Disclosure Issues under I.R.C.§ 6103
AM-2017-003 PDF 8/3/2017 Timing Issues Related to Payroll Tax Credit for Increasing Research Activities
AM-2017-002 PDF 1/27/2017 Tax Treatment of Hybrid Coupons
AM-2017-001 PDF 1/13/2017 Section 3121(v)(2) and Closing Agreements
AM-2016-004 PDF 10/14/2016 OECD Common Transmission System (CTS)
AM-2016-003 PDF 8/12/2016 Section 457A nonqualified entity
AM-2016-002 PDF 4/22/2016 Application of Automatic Change Procedure for Unearned Premiums
AM-2016-001 PDF 4/15/2016 Nonrecourse Carve-Out
AM-2015-005 PDF 7/17/2015 International Data Exchange Service (IDES)
AM-2015-004 PDF 4/03/2015 Powers of Attorney in Partnership Level Proceedings
AM-2015-003 PDF 2/27/2015 Requirements to link partners during a partnership-level examination and the issuance of notices
AM-2015-002 PDF 2/13/2015 Application of section 954(d)(2): Determinations of effective rates of tax under the tax rate disparity test
AM-2015-001 PDF 2/13/2015 Earnings and Profits Consequences of Section 951(a) Income Inclusions
AM-2014-009 PDF 12/19/2014 Taxable direct pay Build America Bonds (BABs)
AM-2014 008 PDF 12/05/2014 Treatment of Computer Software Applications Used to Access Online Services under section 199
AM-2014-007 PDF 10/31/2014

Special Deduction under Section 833(b)

AM-2014-006 PDF 09/12/2014 Legal Fees Incurred by Drug Manufacturers Under the Hatch-Waxman Act
AM-2014-005 PDF 06/13/2014 On Behalf of Issuers of Tribal Economic Development Bonds
AM-2014-004 PDF 05/09/2014 Auto Dealers Facility Upgrade Programs
AM-2014-003 PDF 04/04/2014 Debt and Qualified Nonrecourse Financing
AM-2014-002 PDF 03/07/2014 Consequences of an invalid Section 953(d) Election
AM 2014-001 PDF 01/10/2014 Co-operative Advertising and Section 199
AM 2013-006 PDF 10/25/2013 Sections 302, 312 and 902(c)
AM 2013-005 PDF 09/27/2013 Tonnage Tax – Section 1352 et seq.
AM 2013-004 PDF 08/02/2013 Net Operating Loss Carryback under section 172(b)(1)(H)
AM 2013-003 PDF 07/12/2013 Depositary Receipts Programs
AM 2013-002 PDF 06/07/2013 Section 4375-77 Excise Tax on Certain Insurance Policies
AM 2013-001 PDF 03/01/2013 Treatment of Other Real Estate Owned under § 263A
AM 2012-010 PDF 11/30/2012 Allocation of Certain Items Under Treas. Reg. Section 1.1502-76(b)(1)(ii)
AM 2012-009 PDF 11/16/2012 Securities Lending Transactions Used to Avoid Withholding Tax
AM 2012-008 PDF 08/17/2012 Electronic Filing of Form W-8
AM 2012-007 PDF 07/27/2012 Whether a parent corporation is the tax owner of a subsidiary’s stock
AM 2012-006 PDF 07/27/2012 Application of Consolidated Return Rules to a Worthless Stock Deduction
AM 2012-005 PDF 06/22/2012 Use of Proceeds of Build America Bonds
AM 2012-004 PDF 06/01/2012 Dissolution of California Redevelopment Agencies
AM 2012-003 PDF 05/04/2012 Worthless Stock Loss on Consolidated Group Subsidiary Stock
AM 2012-002 PDF 04/27/2012 Application of Income Tax Treaties to Lawful Permanent Resident Employees of Foreign Governments
AM 2012-001 PDF 02/17/2012 Split Eligible Entity Interests
AM 2011-004 PDF 09/30/2011 Excessive Payments Received under ARRA Section 1603
AM 2011-003 PDF 08/26/2011 Treatment of Check-the-Box Election by a Corporation to be Classified as a Partnership
AM 2011-002 PDF 08/05/2011 Dual Consolidated Losses: Application of SRLY Rules
AM 2011-001 PDF 02/25/2011 U.S. Residency Status of PRI A-2 Visa Holders
AM 2010-007 PDF 12/23/2010 Section 179D Deduction and Certain Partnerships and S Corporations
AM 2010-006 PDF 12/17/2010 Depositary Receipts Programs
AM 2010-005 PDF 11/12/2010 Hedge Fund Basket Option Contracts
AM 2010-004 PDF 10/15/2010 Cellulosic Biofuel Claims
AM 2010-003 PDF 07/16/2010 Tribal Economic Development Bonds Under Sec. 7871(f)
AM 2010-002 PDF 07/09/2010 Cellulosic Biofuel and &quotBlack Liquor&quot Producers
AM 2010-001 PDF 03/12/2010 Black Liquor; Calculating the Claim
AM 2009-015 PDF 11/06/2009 Treas. Reg. Sec. 1.882.5 - Guidance on Interest Rate for Excess U.S.-Connected Liabilities
AM 2009-014 PDF 10/30/2009 Tribal Economic Development Bonds Under Sec. 7871(f) and Build America Bonds
AM 2009-013 PDF 10/23/2009 Application of Notice 2008-91 to Section 956(a)(1)
AM 2009-012 PDF 10/16/2009 Entity Classification of Liechtenstein Anstalts and Stiftungs
AM 2009-011 PDF 10/09/2009 Dual Consolidated Losses: Definition of Foreign Use and Application of Exceptions
AM 2009-010 PDF 10/02/2009 Lending in the United States by Foreign Person Giving Rise to Effectively Connected Income
AM 2009-009 PDF 09/18/2009 Computation of Qualified Production Activities Income under Sec. 199(c) and the Exclusion of Certain Items of Gross Income under Sec. 114 and Section 101(d) of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004
AM 2009-008 PDF 08/28/2009 Effect of Hedging on Percentage Depletion Computation
AM 2009-007 PDF 08/21/2009 Exemption for Lignite from the Black Lung Excise Tax when Extracted with Other Ranks of Coal
AM 2009-006 PDF 07/17/2009 Application of Section 162(m) to Backdated and Misdated Stock Options
AM 2009-005 PDF 07/06/2009 U.S. Source Retainer Fees and Ranking and Placement Bonuses Derived by Professional Golf and Tennis Players from On-Court Endorsement Contracts
AM 2009-004 PDF 02/13/2009 Foreign Government Pension Trusts
AM 2009-003 PDF 02/13/2009 Application of Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and the Combat Zone Exclusion to Civilian Contractors Working in Combat Zones
AM 2009-002 PDF 02/06/2009 Federal Agency Audit Program: Classification of Workers Performing Services Pursuant to Personal Services Contracts
AM 2009-001 PDF 01/09/2009 Proper Method of Allocation and Apportionment of Prior Period Compensation Expense Deductions Under Treas. Reg. Sections 1.861-8 and 1.861-14, Temp. Treas. Reg. Sections 1.861-8T and 1.861-14T, and I.R.C. Section 199
AM 2008-013 PDF 12/19/2008 Professional Gambler's Wagering Losses and Business Expenses
AM 2008-012 PDF 12/19/2008 Application of Sec. 172(f) to Costs Included in Inventory Under Sec. 263A
AM 2008-011 PDF 12/12/2008 Reporting of Wagering Gains and Losses
AM 2008-010 PDF 09/12/2008 Interaction of I.R.C. Section 965 and Rev. Proc. 99-32
AM 2008-009 PDF 08/29/2008 UK Pension Rollovers
AM 2008-008 PDF 07/11/2008 Applicability of Section 943(c) and (h) to Certain Transactions
AM 2008-007 PDF 07/04/2008 Dual Consolidated Losses: Application of the Exception to Foreign Use for Certain Interests in Partnerships or Grantor Trusts
AM 2008-006 PDF 05/30/2008 Reporting Requirements Under Section 6038B
AM 2008-005 PDF 05/16/2008 Timing of Credit for Foreign Tax Withheld from Wages
AM 2008-004 PDF 03/28/2008 Generic Legal Advice for Section 48A
AM 2008-003 PDF 02/22/2008 Treatment of Certain Distributions in Complete Liquidation by a REIT
AM 2008-002 PDF 02/08/2008 Section 280C(c)(3) - Guidance on Reduced Credit for Increasing Research Activities
AM 2008-001 PDF 01/25/2008 Dual Consolidated Losses: Reasonable Cause Requests Relating to Periods Where Assessment of Tax Under Section 6501(a) Is Not Permitted
AM 2007-017 PDF 10/31/2007 Applicability of Section 6695A Penalty to Estate & Gift Appraisals
AM 2007-016 PDF 09/25/2007 Application of Notice 88-108 to Section 956(a)(1)
AM 2007-015 PDF 07/27/2007 Section 162(f) and the Character of Relator Fees under the False Claims Act
AM 2007-014 PDF 07/24/2007 Integration of Convertible Notes with Hedges
AM 2007-013 PDF 06/15/2007 Exception to the Three-Year Requirement for Residences for Veterans Under Section 143(d)(2)(D)
AM 2007-012 PDF 06/08/2007 FIN 48 & Tax Accrual Workpapers
AM 2007-011 PDF 05/25/2007 Auxiliary Power Units (APU)
AM 2007-010 PDF 05/25/2007 Deductibility of Administrative Expenses of Bankruptcy
AM 2007-009 PDF 05/11/2007 Application of Sections 1.461-4(d)(6)(ii) and 1.461-5 to Service Contracts
AM 2007-008 PDF 04/20/2007 Lease-In/Lease-Out (&quotLILO&quot) and Sale-In/Lease-Out (&quotSILO&quot) Exit Strategy
AM 2007-007 PDF 03/23/2007 Taxpayer Use of Section 482 and the Commensurate With Income Standard
AM 2007-006 PDF 02/23/2007 Elections Under Section 338 With Respect to Foreign Corporate Targets
AM 2007-005 PDF 02/09/2007 Trusts Holding Interests in a Partnership
AM 2007-004 PDF 02/02/2007 Variable Purchase Contracts and Share Lending Agreements
AM 2007-003 PDF 02/02/2007 Construction Allowances for Short Term Leases of Retail Space Not Subject to Sec. 110
AM 2007-002 PDF 01/26/2007 State Tax Credit Transfers
AM 2007-001 PDF 01/12/2007 Qualification for FSC benefits and ETI Exclusions
AM 2006-006 PDF 10/11/2006 Cost of Restoring Property after Casualty Loss Deduction
AM 2006-005 PDF 10/13/2006 Subchapter S Banks and the Special Bank Rules
AM 2006-004 Pulled Adjusted Current Earnings for Certain Mining Property; re-published as CCA 200721019 PDF.
AM 2006-003 PDF 09/29/2006 Allocation of Capitalizable Mixed Service Costs to Ineligible Property
AM 2006-002 PDF 09/29/2006 Allocation under Sections 338 and 1060 to Assets in a Non-Qualified Nuclear Decommissioning Fund Purchased along with a Nuclear Power Plant
AM 2006-001 PDF 09/26/2006 Cross-Border Financial Instruments; Hybrid Debt/Equity - Equity in the U.S.