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The following article can be posted on your websites and used in other communication vehicles to help employers get the facts about the new IRS web page for applicable large employers.


New IRS Web Page Helps Employers Meet Reporting Requirement

The IRS has designed a new web page to help employers quickly access the information they need to meet the new Affordable Care Act information reporting requirements.  Employers can check out questions and answers, examples and other resources for employers by visiting the ACA Information Center for Applicable Large Employers on   

“The IRS is working to make it as easy as possible for employers to get the information they need about the new reporting requirements. Although the vast majority of employers will not be subject to these rules because they have fewer than 50 employees, we have assembled an array of information on the IRS web site to help all employers,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “We especially encourage smaller and mid-size business to review the information to help resolve any questions they may have, including whether they are exempt from or subject to the new information reporting requirements.”  

Employers that are applicable large employers should be taking steps now to prepare for the coming filing season.  In 2016, applicable large employers must file an annual information return – and provide a statement to each full-time employee – reporting whether they offered health insurance, and if so, what insurance they offered their employees.  You must determine your ALE status each calendar year based on the average size of your workforce during the prior year.