William P. O’Shea Named Associate Chief Counsel, Passthroughs and Special Industries


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IR-2006-156, Oct. 10, 2006

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the assignment of William P. O’Shea to the position of Associate Chief Counsel, Passthroughs and Special Industries, effective Oct. 8, 2006.

"I am pleased that Bill was willing to take on this new assignment,” said Donald L. Korb, IRS Chief Counsel. “Bill has been with the Office of Chief Counsel for 28 years, and his selection again points out Counsel’s ability to train and grow executives from within. His extensive managerial and executive experience in our office makes him well suited to serve in this important position.”

The Associate Chief Counsel, Passthroughs and Special Industries provides legal advice on a wide variety of issues including partnerships, S corporations, trusts, estate and gift taxation, energy taxation, excise taxes, low income housing, domestic production deductions, research credit and tax shelters.

In March 2001, O'Shea was appointed to the position of Deputy Associate Chief Counsel, Passthroughs and Special Industries and since has worked directly with the Associate Chief Counsel, Passthroughs and Special Industries to meet the goals of the Office of Chief Counsel. O’Shea joined Passthroughs and Special Industries as a Branch Chief upon its formation in 1988. His branch issued various forms of guidance, including regulations involving partnerships, S corporations, tax shelters, and passive activity losses.

O’Shea joined the Office of Chief Counsel in 1978 as an attorney in the former Interpretative Division. In that division he worked for a time in each of four branches: the international tax branch, the income and accounting branch, the corporate tax branch and the partnership tax branch. At the end of 1981 he was promoted to Assistant Branch Chief and in 1986 he became a Branch Chief. For a period in 1993 he was the Acting Assistant Chief Counsel, International.

O’Shea holds a B.A. in Political Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a J.D. from Boston College Law School. He was a member of law review and a teaching assistant. O’Shea lives in West Springfield, Va., with his wife and three children.

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