First-Time Homebuyer Credit Account Look-up


Before accessing the tool, please read through these questions and answers to determine the requirements for repaying the credit.

1. Determine Your Eligibility

  • You received a First-Time Homebuyer Credit.

2. Gather Your Information

  • Social Security number (or your IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).
  • Date of birth.
  • Street address.
  • ZIP Code.

3. Check Your Account

  • Go to our First-Time Homebuyer Credit Account Look-up to receive:
    • Balance of your First-Time Homebuyer Credit.
    • Amount you paid back to date.
    • Total amount of the credit you received.
    • Annual installment repayment amount.

Note: If you experience any trouble accessing your account or have questions, you can speak with one of our customer service representatives by calling our FTHBC toll-free number at 800-919-0352.