Political organizations disclosures search tips: Basic search details


The Basic Search is an easy way to find all electronic submissions of Form 8871 and Form 8872 and paper submissions of Form 8871, Form 8872, and Form 990. All paper and electronic filings contain searchable data for the Organization's Name field, Employer Identification Number (EIN) field, and Date Posted field (the date the form was originally posted to the site). To conduct a basic search, simply enter the terms into one or more of the fields and click the Submit Basic Search button. If you want to reset your search, click the Reset Search button.

Basic search results explained

Upon submitting a basic search, a results page will display a listing of the names and EINs for organizations that have filed forms meeting your search criteria. To view the actual forms, click the name of the desired organization. The resulting page will display, in detail, the organization's latest information and a listing of its filings that meet your search criteria.

  • To view an Adobe PDF version of a specific filing, click on the word Paper or Electronic in the Submission Type column next to the appropriate form. The Submission Type refers to how the filing was made (either electronically through the website or by mailing a paper form).
  • To sort the results by a particular column, click on the column heading. Clicking once will sort the list in ascending order, while clicking a second time will sort the list in descending order.
  • The list of filings in your results will be limited to ten per page. Use the page numbers or the Next and Prev links to view all of the results pages.