IRS Secure Messaging Help


Updating Account Information

To update the email address where messages are sent, select the Settings link on the top right in your Secure Messaging inbox. Then follow on-screen instructions to update your email address.

If you submitted a manual consent form, contact your IRS agent to make account updates. To update an authorized contact’s information or remove a contact, notify your IRS agent in writing by secure message, email or fax. To add a new contact, submit a new consent form.

Submitting Forms via Secure Messaging

The IRS accepts only specific forms or documentation submitted for processing via Secure Messaging. Only documents identified in the instructions will be processed. The IRS will continue to contact you about submitted documents by mail if you use one-way communication methods because you do not have a Secure Messaging account.

Consider the following when using the IRS Secure Messaging platform:

  • Timeliness of IRS responses to secure messages or other communications will depend on case type and resources available to respond.
  • System outages do not affect a taxpayer’s deadlines and obligations to the IRS. 
  • Communications that you start in the IRS Secure Messaging platform are records of communications with the IRS and are discoverable in legal proceedings. 
  • Your device connection to the IRS Secure Messaging platform is secured using modern encryption technology. However, it is your responsibility to make sure your personal information is not compromised on the device you use to access the IRS Secure Messaging platform. 
  • You are responsible for logging out of the IRS Secure Messaging platform when your session is finished and for closing the browser.

Any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity may be grounds to terminate your use of the IRS Secure Messaging platform and may be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities, subject to applicable penalties or both.

Opting Out of Secure Messaging

If you no longer wish to communicate with the IRS using the Secure Messaging platform, send a secure message to the person handling your case stating that you no longer wish to communicate through Secure Messaging. The IRS will confirm with you and switch to paper (mail) for the remainder of your case. 

Opting out of Secure Messaging does not in any way change your responsibility to respond to the IRS on time or change the status of your case. You may be given the opportunity to communicate with the IRS via Secure Messaging for future cases.

Account Termination

Participation in IRS Secure Messaging is voluntary, optional and may be ended at any time. Account termination typically results from violating the IRS Secure Messaging Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. If your participation is ended, you will be notified via secure message. You will still be able to log in to your IRS Secure Messaging account and access your records. However, you will no longer be able to communicate with the IRS via Secure Messaging. 

Secure Messaging account termination does not in any way close existing cases with the IRS or change your responsibilities to respond to the IRS on time on any cases in the past, present or future. Future communications with the IRS must continue through other methods, including mail, telephone, and other electronic methods. 

Participation in IRS Secure Messaging is by invitation only. Your participation is for an undefined period and termination cannot be appealed.