11.1.2 News Coverage of Tax Prosecutions

Manual Transmittal

October 10, 2014


(1) This transmits revised IRM 11.1.2, Communications, News Coverage of Tax Prosecutions.


Procedures for publicity of criminal tax prosecutions have undergone complete changes with the advent of the Criminal Investigation (CI) Public Information Officers. That publicity is now the responsibility of CI, and as such is covered in CI IRM 9.3.2.

Material Changes

(1) Reference to CI's IRM has been updated to include Section number.

Effect on Other Documents

IRM 11.1.2 dated August 22, 2008 is superseded.


Employees in Communications & Liaison (C&L), and embedded C&L functions.

Effective Date


Signed by
Terry L. Lemons
Office of Communications

Publicity on Criminal and Civil Matters

  1. IRM 9.3.2 outlines procedures for publicity of criminal matters. In general, the local Criminal Investigation (CI) Public Information Officer (PIO) will work with the local U.S. Attorney in accordance with CI's IRM and the Department of Justice's guidelines, Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 50.2, "Release of information by personnel of the Department of Justice relating to criminal and civil proceedings " for publicity on local cases. For cases of national scope, or for national media, National Media Relations will coordinate publicity efforts with CI Communication and Education Headquarters.

  2. Publicity of civil cases generally falls to the Department of Justice and/or the local U.S. Attorney. However, in some cases, the IRS may decide to proactively publicize civil cases or issues. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and should be coordinated through National Media Relations for matters with national scope or for national media, or through the Field Media Relations Specialist for geographically-based (local) matters with local media.

  3. For publicity of tax fraud issues or tax schemes that are not case related, a Field Media Relations Specialist will work with the local CI PIO to develop local strategies, and the National Media Relations Branch will work with NHQ CI Communication and Education Headquarters to develop national strategies.