IRS YouTube Videos Offer Last-Minute Help for Taxpayers

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IR-2012-41, April 4, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers that IRS YouTube videos can help them with their taxes before the April 17, 2012, deadline. The IRS channels offer information on a variety of the most frequently asked taxpayer questions at this time of year.

Videos are available in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. Among the hot topics for last-minute filers:

  • Owe Taxes But Can't Pay? —  English | Spanish | ASL (Obsolete)

The three IRS YouTube channels are home to hundreds of videos on subjects ranging from how to choose a tax preparer to how to efile your taxes for free.

The IRS YouTube channel in English is the fourth most viewed U.S. government YouTube channel. Since its debut in August 2009, there have been more than 3.1 million views.

Taxpayers can subscribe to the channels to receive notice of new video offerings year-round. The videos are also available on the IRS’s phone app, IRS2Go.

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