IRS social media

Connect with the IRS

The IRS uses social media to share the latest updates on tax changes, scam alerts, initiatives, products and services. Connect with the IRS through the following social media platforms.


The IRS Facebook pages in English and Spanish post useful information, event announcements and tips for the general taxpaying public and tax professionals.


Tune in to the IRS YouTube channels to watch short, practical videos in English and ASL. You can also see our video tips in Spanish and Chinese in our Multilingual channel.


IRS tweets include tax-related announcements for individuals, businesses, tax professionals and people looking for #IRSjobs. This platform is also a good way to stay up to speed on the latest scam alerts. We share updates in English and Spanish.


The IRS shares taxpayer-friendly information on Instagram covering a variety of topics to help people navigate tax law changes, provide the latest tax scam information and help combat tax-related identity theft, as well as periodically share information in Spanish and other languages.


The IRS LinkedIn page posts agency updates, tax information, and job announcements.


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Protect your identity

At the IRS, privacy and security are paramount. We use these platforms to share public information. We will not ask for your personal or financial information. Don't post your Social Security number or other confidential data on social media sites. Always protect your identity online and stay alert.

We will not be able to address personal tax or account questions on any of these sites.