Where’s My Amended Return?

You can check the status of an amended return around 3 weeks after you submit it. You should generally allow 8 to 12 weeks for your Form 1040-X to be processed. However, in some cases, processing could take up to 16 weeks. You can visit our processing status dashboard for more information on our timeframes.

Where’s My Amended Return will show your amended return status for this tax year or up to 3 prior years.

Check your amended return

What you need

  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Zip code  

Check your amended return status

System availability

Where’s My Amended Return is available 24 hours a day except for:

  • Mondays from 12 - 3 a.m. Eastern time
  • Occasional Sundays from 1 - 7 a.m. Eastern time

Returns you can’t check with Where’s My Amended Return

Where's My Amended Return can’t give you the status for:

  • Business returns
  • Returns with a foreign address
  • Carryback applications and claims
  • Injured spouse claims
  • Form 1040 marked as an amended or corrected return (instead of 1040-X)
  • Returns processed by special units such as Examination or Bankruptcy

When to call us

Call us about your return status only if Where's My Amended Return directs you to contact us.
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