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You can view your tax records now in your Online Account. This is the fastest, easiest way to:

  • Find out how much you owe
  • Look at your payment history
  • See your prior year adjusted gross income (AGI)
  • View other tax records

Visit or create your Online Account.

The method you used to file your tax return (e-file or paper) and whether you had a balance due affects your current year transcript availability


Request online

Request your transcript online for the fastest result.

What you need

If you’re a new user, have your photo identification ready.

What you get

  • All transcript types are available online
  • View, print, or download your transcript
  • Verify your identity once and you can easily return later to get a transcript or use other IRS online services


Get transcript online

Caution: This service is for individual taxpayers to retrieve their own transcripts for their own purposes. Use by any other entities is prohibited.

Alternative to requesting a transcript online

We recommend requesting a transcript online since that’s the fastest method. If you can’t get your transcript online, you can request a tax return or tax account transcript by mail instead.

What you need

To request a transcript by mail, you need your mailing address from your latest return.

What you get

  • Tax return or tax account transcript types delivered by mail
  • Transcripts arrive in 5 to 10 calendar days at the address we have on file for you


Get transcript by mail

You can also request a transcript by mail by calling our automated phone transcript service at 800-908-9946.

Visit our Get Transcript frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information. If you're trying to get a transcript to complete FAFSA, refer to tax Information for student financial aid applications.

Note: Transcripts partially mask your personally identifiable information for protection. Financial data will remain fully visible to allow for tax preparation, tax representation or income verification. Learn more at About Tax Transcripts. If you need a photocopy of your return, submit Form 4506.

CAUTION: The IRS doesn’t initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information. Visit report phishing for instructions if you're unsure about the authenticity of any unsolicited communication you receive, other than U.S. mail, claiming to be from the IRS.