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How to file your taxes: step by step
Check if you need to file
Gather your documents
Get credits and deductions
File your return
Get your refund
Pay taxes on time
Be ready to file taxes next year

File by the April deadline

File your tax return by the deadline. For most filers, the deadline for 2023 tax returns is Monday, April 15, 2024.

If you're in the military stationed abroad or are in a combat zone during the tax filing season, you may have more time.

If you need more time, you must request an extension by the April filing deadline. Filing later may add interest and penalties.

If you file an extension, you must still pay taxes you owe by the deadline. Paying later adds interest and penalties.

If you can't pay, get help with tax debt.

Find the latest tax changes.

Choose a way to file

Filing electronically (e-filing) gives you your refund faster. You can e-file with IRS Free File or tax preparation software.

See Six Reasons Why You Should File Your Taxes Electronically.

Free tax help from IRS-certified volunteers

Get free tax prep help if any of these apply to you:

  • Earn $64,000 or less
  • Have a disability
  • Need language support
  • Are 60 years or older

Visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center

Contact us

IRS Free File

If your adjusted gross income is $79,000 or less, you can file electronically with IRS Free File. If your income is higher, you can use Free File Fillable Forms.

Find IRS Free File options

IRS Direct File pilot 

If you live in certain states and meet other requirements, you may be eligible to e-file through our Direct File pilot.

Tax preparation software

Use an online tax preparation software of your choice to file your taxes electronically or on paper.

Tax professional

Choose an IRS-approved tax professional.

Paper forms

You can file with paper forms and mail them to the IRS.

Find the right form for you

Record these numbers

When you file your return, record these numbers so you can check your refund, e-file next year or get tax information during the year:

  • Your exact refund amount 
  • Your adjusted gross income 

You can also find these numbers after we process your return in your online account.

File for prior years

If you haven't filed a past-due tax return, you can file a tax return for any prior year.