Be ready to file taxes next year

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How to file your taxes: step by step
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File your return
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Pay your taxes on time
Be ready to file taxes next year

Be prepared

When you finish your taxes, take a few minutes to prepare for next year. Planning for tax time throughout the year can help you:

  • Save time and stress 
  • File an accurate return 
  • Get your refund faster 

Here are steps you can take to make filing next year's return easier.

Organize your tax records 

Create folders for your tax documents. This includes:

  • Documents and receipts you gathered

  • Forms sent to you in January and February

Find out how long to keep tax records

Update your information as it changes 

If you move or change your name, promptly update your information.

Check your withholding 

If your refund or tax bill wasn't what you want for next year, you can adjust it by changing your withholding. Check your withholding any time your income or tax situation changes throughout the year. To change the amount you withhold, give your employer an updated W-4.

Consider life events 

If you move, get married or divorced, have a child, get a second job, retire or have other changes, it can affect your taxes. Find out what to do for certain life events.

Amend your return 

If you get a notice from us about an error on your return or realize you made a mistake, you may need to file an amended return.