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100 Percent First Year Depreciation (ASL) Text 01:56
ABLE Accounts (ASL) Text 01:56
Amending My Return (ASL) Text 01:52
Audits by Mail–What to Do? (ASL) Text 05:01
Avoid Phishing Emails (ASL) Text 02:01
Changed Your Name After Marriage or Divorce? (ASL) Text 01:27
Choose a Tax Preparer Wisely (ASL) Text 04:06
Direct Deposit for Your Tax Refund (ASL) Text 01:54
Dirty Dozen (ASL) Text 00:47
Do Your Taxes for Free: Sandwich Generation (ASL) Text 02:40
Easy Steps to Protect Your Computer and Phone (ASL) Text 01:18
Easy Ways to Pay My IRS Taxes (ASL) Text 03:48
Education Tax Credits (ASL)  Text 03:13
Employee Achievement Awards (ASL) Text 01:46
Estimated Tax Payments (ASL) Text 02:33
File Your Taxes for Free: Sandwich Generation (ASL) Text 02:40
First Time Filing a Tax Return? (ASL) Text 05:25
Flexible Spending Arrangement Carryover Provision (ASL) Text 01:29
For Deaf Users of Relay Services (ASL) Text 01:20
Form 1023-EZ (ASL) Text 01:32
Free Help Preparing Your Tax Return (ASL) Text 01:28
Gambling Winnings and Losses (ASL) Text 02:07
Get Free Tax Help (ASL) Text 09:11
Gift Tax (ASL) Text 01:47
Health Care Law: Are You an Applicable Large Employer? (ASL) Text 03:36
Health Care Law: Employer Shared Responsibility Payments (ASL) Text 02:39
Health Care Law: Highlights for Applicable Large Employers (ASL) Text 02:51
Health Care Law: Highlights for Self-Insured Employers (ASL) Text 02:32
Health Care Law: Information Reporting for Employers (ASL) Text 05:16
Health Care Law: Information Reporting for Self-Insured Employers (ASL) Text 04:10
Help for Taxpayers (ASL) Text 02:29
Individual Shared Responsibility – Overview (ASL) Text 02:17
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) (ASL) Text 03:35
IRA/Retirement Plan 60-Day Rollover Waivers (ASL) Text 01:23
IRS2Go Mobile App (ASL) Text 01:01
IRS Letter CP2000: Proposed Changes to Your Tax Return (ASL) Text 04:05
  IRS Letter CP3219A: Statutory Notice of Deficiency (ASL) Text 03:53
IRS Small Business Self-Employed Tax Center (ASL) Text 06:29
IRS Tax Calendar (ASL) Text 01:45
IRS Tax Help for People With Disabilities (ASL) Text 03:14
Is Social Security Taxable? (ASL) Text 03:28
Making an Appointment for IRS Tax Help (ASL) Text 03:06
Meals and Entertainment (ASL) Text 01:11
Miscellaneous Income (ASL) Text 02:30
Missing W-2 (ASL) Text 02:05
Mortgage Interest Deduction (ASL) Text 02:50
Moving Expenses (ASL) Text 01:15
Need a Payment Plan? Consider Using the Online Payment Agreement Application (ASL) Text 03:26
Organizing Files for Correspondence Exams (ASL) Text 04:03
Owe Taxes But Can’t Pay (ASL) Text 01:36
Paid Family and Medical Leave Employer Credit (ASL) Text 01:26
Phishing-Malware (ASL) Text 01:10
Premium Tax Credit: Changes in Circumstances - Introduction (ASL) Text 02:16
Preparing for Disasters (ASL) Text 01:26
Private Collection of Overdue Taxes (ASL) Text 03:18
Products for Taxpayers Who Are Visually Impaired (ASL) Text 01:22
Received a Letter From the IRS Regarding Form 944 (ASL) Text 02:13
Refund: Claim It or Lose It (ASL) Text 03:40
Retirement Plan and IRA Rollover (ASL) Text 01:52
Small Business Health Care Tax Credit (ASL) Text 03:31
Some Taxpayers Can File Their Employment Taxes Annually (ASL) Text 02:36
Summer Day Camp Expenses (ASL) Text 01:06
Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) (ASL) Text 01:51
Tax Return Errors - Tips to Avoid Them (ASL) Text 04:49
Tax Scams (ASL) Text 03:26
Tax Scams by U.S. Mail (ASL) Text 02:17
Tax Scams via Video Relay Service (ASL) Text 03:18
Taxable and Nontaxable Income (ASL) Text 02:54
Understanding Tax Terms for American Sign Language Interpreters, Part 1 (ASL) Text 03:45
Understanding Tax Terms for American Sign Language Interpreters, Part 2 (ASL) Text 02:51
Understanding Tax Terms for American Sign Language Interpreters, Part 3 (ASL) Text 03:29
Understanding Your Tax Return (ASL) Text 12:35
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Recruitment (ASL) Text 02:04
W-2 Scam (ASL) Text 02:41
W-2s, W-3s, 1099-MISC, Information Returns Due Date: January 31 (ASL) Text 2:55
What to Bring at Tax Time (ASL) Text 09:11
When Will I Get My Refund? (ASL) Text 04:05
Wrongful IRS Levy: More Time to Challenge (ASL) Text 01:55
Your Account on (ASL) Text 02:48
Your Taxes in the Sharing Economy (ASL) Text 02:45