Received a Letter From the IRS Regarding Form 944 (ASL) - YouTube video text script


Hi, I’m Maria, and I work for the IRS. 

Did you receive a letter about your Form 944 Employment Taxes?

Let’s look at why that may have happened. 

We mail out letters for a variety of reasons; for example, we may have received the wrong employment tax return from you based on your filing requirement.

Or, we may need more information about your employment tax return, your federal tax deposit or the return you were instructed to file when you first applied for your Employer Identification Number or EIN. 

You may also receive a letter if you changed from filing Form 944 to Form 941 or vice versa.

These forms are not interchangeable. 

If the change isn’t warranted, your federal tax deposits won’t match up.

IRS letters address specific issues and tell you what you need to do. 

For example, if we have a question about your employment tax return, to respond, just compare the information we provided in the letter with your records.

It is important to respond by the requested due date to minimize any interest and penalties, as well as preserve your appeal rights.

Also, always check which tax year the letter is about since it may not be for your most recent employment tax return.
If you have any questions, just call the phone number in your letter. 

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