The Inflation Reduction Act changed a wide range of tax laws and provided funds to improve our services and technology to make tax filing easier for you.

Since the Inflation Reduction Act is a 10-year plan, the changes won't happen immediately. We're working to implement the law as quickly as we can. 

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    Tax Law Changes

    The Inflation Reduction Act covers new and reinstated tax laws that will affect individuals and businesses, including a number of credits and deductions.

    One provision changes the eligibility rules to claim a tax credit for clean vehicles. This took effect as soon as the law was signed.

    More details about clean vehicles and other tax provisions will be available in coming months.

    Home Energy Credits

    Clean Vehicle Credits

    Excise Tax Credits for alternative fuels, biodiesel, and renewable diesel

    Tax Law Changes for Businesses


    Find guidance on key tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

    • Notice 2023-20PDF, provides the additional interim guidance described in section 1 of Notice 2023-7, 2023-3 I.R.B. 390, that is intended to help avoid substantial unintended adverse consequences to the insurance industry from the application of the new corporate alternative minimum tax (CAMT).
    • Notice 2023-18PDF, establishes the section 48C(e) program to allocate $10 billion of section 48C credits ($4 billion of which may only be allocated to projects located in certain energy communities census tracts) and provides initial program guidance. 
    • Notice 2023-17PDF, establishes the program to allocate environmental justice solar and wind capacity limitation, as required under § 48(e) of the Internal Revenue Code.  This notice also provides initial program guidance for potential applicants for allocations of calendar year 2023 capacity limitation. 
    • Notice 2023-16, updates Notice 2023-1 by changing the vehicle classification standard by which vans, sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and other vehicles are defined.
    • Notice 2023-09, provides a safe harbor regarding the incremental cost of certain qualified commercial clean vehicles placed in service in calendar year 2023 for purposes of the new credit for qualified commercial clean vehicles under § 45W of the Internal Revenue Code (Code).
    • Notice 2023-07, announces the intent to issue proposed regulations addressing the application of the new corporate alternative minimum tax (CAMT). Sections 3 through 7 of this notice provide interim guidance regarding certain time-sensitive issues intended to be addressed by the forthcoming proposed regulations.

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