The Inflation Reduction Act changed a wide range of tax laws and provided funds to improve our services and technology to make tax filing easier for you.

Since the Inflation Reduction Act is a 10-year plan, the changes won't happen immediately. We're working to implement the law as quickly as we can. 

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Tax Law Changes

The Inflation Reduction Act covers new and reinstated tax laws that will affect individuals and businesses.

One provision changes the eligibility rules to claim a tax credit for clean vehicles. This took effect as soon as the law was signed.

More details about clean vehicles and other tax provisions will be available in coming months.


Find guidance on key tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

  • Notice 2022-61 provides guidance on the prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements that generally apply to certain provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (Code), as amended by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. 
  • Notice 2022-58 request for comments on Credits for Clean Hydrogen and Clean Fuel Production.
  • Notice 2022-57 request for comments on the Credit for Carbon Oxide Sequestration.
  • Notice 2022-56 request for comments on Section 45W Credit for Qualified Commercial Clean Vehicles and Section 30C Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit.
  • Notice 2022-51 requests comments on prevailing wage, apprenticeship, domestic content and energy communities requirements.
  • Notice 2022-50 requests comments on elective payment of applicable credits and transfer of certain credits featured in IRA Provision 13801.
  • Notice 2022-49 requests for comments on certain energy generation incentives featured in IRA Provision 13202.
  • Notice 2022-48 requests comments on incentive provisions for improving the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings featured in IRA Provision 13302 &13303.
  • Notice 2022-47 requests comments on energy security tax credits for manufacturing featured in IRA Provision 50265.
  • Notice 2022-46 requests comments on credits for clean vehicles featured in IRA Provision 13401.
  • Notice 2022-39 explains how to file a one-time claim for credit and payments for alternative fuels.