The Inflation Reduction Act changed a wide range of tax laws and provided funds to improve our services and technology to make tax filing easier for you.

Since the Inflation Reduction Act is a 10-year plan, the changes won't happen immediately. We're working to implement the law as quickly as we can. 

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    Tax law changes

    The Inflation Reduction Act covers new and reinstated tax laws that will affect individuals and businesses, including a number of credits and deductions.

    One provision changes the eligibility rules to claim a tax credit for clean vehicles. This took effect as soon as the law was signed.

    More details about clean vehicles and other tax provisions will be available in coming months.

    Elective payment and credit transfer

    Home energy credits

    Clean vehicle credits

    Excise tax credits for alternative fuels, biodiesel, and renewable diesel

    Tax law changes for businesses


    Find guidance on key tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

    • Notice 2023-65, Section 45L New Energy Efficient Home Credit
    • Notice 2023-64, Additional Interim Guidance Regarding the Application of the Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax under Sections 55, 56A, and 59 of the Internal Revenue Code
    • Notice 2023-59, Guidance on Requirements for Home Energy Audits for Purposes of the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit under Section 25C
    • Notice 2023-52, Section 5000D Excise Tax on Sales of Designated Drugs; Reporting and Payment of the Tax
    • Notice 2023-47, publishes lists of information that taxpayers may use to determine whether they meet certain requirements under the Statistical Area Category or the Coal Closure Category as described in sections 3.03 and 3.04 of Notice 2023-291 for purposes of qualifying for energy community bonus credit amounts or rates under §§ 45, 45Y, 48, and 48E of the Internal Revenue Code (Code). These lists are provided in Appendix 1PDFAppendix 2PDF, and Appendix 3PDF of this notice.

    Additional Notices

    • Revenue Procedure 2023-38PDF, Submission of Information to IRS by Qualified Manufacturers of Clean Vehicles, Previously-Owned Clean Vehicles, and Commercial Clean Vehicles
    • Revenue Procedure 2023-27, Process under § 48(e) of the Internal Revenue Code (Code)1 to apply for an allocation of environmental justice solar and wind capacity limitation (Capacity Limitation).
    • Revenue Procedure 2022-42, Submission of Information to IRS by Qualified Manufacturers of Clean Vehicles, Previously-Owned Clean Vehicles, and Commercial Clean Vehicles; Submission of Information to IRS by Sellers of Clean Vehicles and Previously-Owned Clean Vehicles

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